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Musculo = Strong. Strong support for a strong mind + strong body.

Musculo = Strong
Strong support for a strong mind + strong body

Musculo combines AI technology, cost-effective solutions, and a personalized approach to improve mental and physical health, helping patients achieve 100% optimization of their wellness goals

Our program is free to members of qualifying health insurance providers.

What our members are saying:

In my Rheumatologist visit since our last session, she was thrilled! My RA-related numbers and inflammation markers have gone down, and my range of motion is better. She said "You're in a really good place: whatever you are doing, keep it up"

I really appreciate the accountability factor of this program!

I am so glad I answered my phone last week.  I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Candace and having her help me feel better and manage my stress better. 

I think these sessions have helped me think of the big picture and I feel like I am doing something for me.

I love these deep dives into goals and values. It really puts the effort we're making into perspective.

Leslie is great! I enjoyed my session and look forward to working on my goals.

My coach is extremely patient and helpful with improving my wellbeing

Your support has been beneficial and the voice of reason in this stage of life, on this crazy health journey.

Absolutely amazing session. Today you helped me realize something to help reduce stress which will reduce RA flares, etc.

I really appreciate your investment in me and I am hopeful as we begin identifying ways for me to manage my RA.

Musculo by the Numbers

Musculo by the numbers

Who are the Musculo

Our amazing, compassionate, elite, A+ health coaches are all certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), the profession’s highest-level credential.

This expertise has been enriched by Musculo’s rigorous and evidence-based training curriculum, developed by physicians at the top medical institutions across the US.

Transforming Care Together

Our platform combines human health coaches, an AI companion named Mac, the latest educational resources, and a supportive peer community to enhance the lives of everyone.

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